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Apparel Coordinator
1) manage league inventory of T-shirt’s/sweatshirts/bags, etc etc
2) identify new vendors as needed and work out logo designs, merchandise items, quantities and cost to maintain adequate levels of inventory. 
3) manage tables to sell merchandise at MLAX evets, including setup, volunteer coverage, breakdown, etc. 
4) advertise and sell merchandise at any and all possible times. 
Media Coordinator 
1) Maintain the League website by updating information each season, add new content to the site such as Lacrosse 101, Coaches Training Information and links, and any other information that may be suitable. 
2) Surf other Sports organizations websites to identify above material that may be beneficial to our members and update our website accordingly.
Individual should be self motivated, and Web Savvy.  Should have experience with MS WORD, ADOBE PDF, JPG and GIF files.  They should have experience in converting files into JPG or GIF files and ability to resize as needed.
Communications Coordinator
1) develop flyers and announcements as needed, including file conversion to appropriate file types. (i.e. Word to JPG)
2) Focus on "marketing" the league through a number of different media outlets. including Facebook posts, EMAIL blasts, School flyers, local newspaper ads/articles.
3) planning and scheduling announcements to be timely and have maximum exposure to the league members.
Person filling this role must be detail oriented, organized, ability to prioritize messages accordingly.
They should have experience with Facebook, MS WORD, and converting Word and PDF files to Images.  Individual will work with the Board to identify announcements and details to be shared, but also work independently to ensure announcements are sent out on schedule.