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  • Equipment Manager Responsibilities
    Ensures that MLAX has all necessary equipment to field teams for each
    camp or seasonal program. Maintains the orderliness of all equipment in
    storage and ensures equipment is cleaned and repaired as needed to
    maximize the life of all equipment.
    Contacts and works with MLAX executive board to determine equipment
    needs in preparation of the Spring seasonal budget by the end of November.
    After budget is approved, places orders for equipment on behalf of all
    MLAX teams so that all equipment is in stock before April 1st.
    1. Takes season end inventory, checks equipment and prepares list of items
    to be replaced for the budget. Get input from the President and indirectly
    from coaches regarding any changes to equipment requirements.
    2. Keeps lacrosse equipment and game equipment in secure location during
    the off season. Stored goals should be locked together and ideally to a
    fixed object like a chain link fence post.
    3. Labels all MLAX equipment with indelible ink or other appropriate non-
    interfering markings.
    4. Provides beginning season inventory list to Treasurer
    5. Arranges for pick up or delivery of coach’s gear bags at the beginning
    and end of each camp or seasonal program.
    6. Inventory all coach’s gear bags at the end of each camp or seasonal
    program. Clean all gear using manufacturer recommended methods and
    rinsing thoroughly to maximize the life of the equipment.
    1. Checks goals before the beginning of each camp or seasonal program.
    2. Makes repairs and or replaces nets. Nets should be double crossed
    wrapped with 5/32 inch (4mm) nylon rope. The upper cross bar of the
    goal and the upper corners should be wrapped twice to make sure the nets
    are secure. The bottom corners should also be wrapped twice.
  • Replacement nets should be at least 4mm. Holes in the nets can repaired
    with 5/32 (4 mm) nylon rope.
    3. Moves goals to/from secured area in timely manner for programs.
    4. Each goal should have a cable and lock. Combination code should be
    given to coach(es) at the beginning of the season. If there are dial locks,
    maintain lock combination and only give it out to coaches and team
    Loaner Equipment
    1. Maintain inventory of loaner equipment.
    2. Issue equipment and collect signed waivers. Collect and deliver all
    deposit money to the treasurer.
    3. Collect all equipment at the end of each camp or seasonal program and
    return deposit moneys.
    4. Advise Executive Board of any equipment not returned.
    Equipment Exchange
    1. Maintain inventory of donated equipment. Ensure equipment is cleaned
    to minimize damage/mold growth.
    2. Issue equipment to players and parents when requested.
    3. Coordinate equipment exchange information on the web site and host an
    equipment exchange session at the beginning of each session