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Responsible for overseeing all aspects of officials required to run the spring season, including oversight and scheduling of all Youth Officials as well as Adult (CLOA) required officials for the B12U and B14U games.  


Duties include, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment of new MHS Players to be certified as Youth Officials

  • Liaises with NECLAX Officials Coordinator for pre-season training and certification

  • Understand US Lacrosse, CLOA/CWLOA, and NECLAX requirements for officials.

  • Liaises with MHS Coaches to understand players practice and game time commitments

  • Establish and execute pre-season training plan including:

    • Ensuring youth officials are properly registered

    • Secure training dates/locations (class and field) for MLAX Youth Officials

    •  Confirming MLAX officials complete the training and are rated by CLOA/CWLOA

  • Maintain current roster of MLAX Youth Officials on the NECLAX website

  • Schedule Youth Officials for all MLAX Home games via the NECLAX website.

  • Confirm CLOA Adult officials are assigned to all B12U and B14U home games via CLOA (Arbitor) website.

  • Establish and execute process for confirming officials worked scheduled games

  • Notify treasurer of completed assignments so officials are paid.

  • Learn and stay up to date with basic Youth Lacrosse rules, including yearly changes to rules by US Lacrosse.

  • Conduct spot (in-game) checks of youth officials to evaluate their understanding and implementation of the rules as well as their execution of proper official game execution.  

    • Calling appropriate penalties/fouls

    • Administering appropriate penalties

    • Game mechanics, i.e. location on field, working with other official, etc

    • Evaluate sideline management ability

  • Provide guidance to Youth Officials around youth game rules and administration of such rules.

  • Conduct pre-season meeting with all youth officials to review how to identify their schedule, how to get paid, and most importantly, review rule changes and points of emphasis for the season.

Required skills:

  • Good written and verbal communication

  • Ability to learn and use website software for maintaining official’s assignments

  • Experience with US Lacrosse Youth Rules; 2-3 years preferred but not required

Time Commitment:

  • 1-3 hours a week