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                    Think Your Drink!   
by Renee Frechette, RDN


Remember the X in M.L.A.X stands for Xtra (extra) Fluids.

Here is the homemade Sports Drink Recipe we taste-tasted in the Frechette kitchen.  This got a thumbs-up from all of us!


Nancy Clark’s Homemade

Natural Energy & Sports Drink


1/4 cup Sugar

1/4 teaspoon Salt

1/4 cup Hot water

1/4 cup Orange juice (not concentrate)

2 tablespoons Lemon Juice

3 1/2 cups Cold Water


1. In the bottom of a pitcher, dissolve the sugar and salt in the hot water.

2. Add the juice and the remaining water; chill. Yield: 1 quart

~~Experiment in Your Athletes Kitchen and make this Recipe Your Own. You can try different juices: Pineapple, Cranberry or Grape.  You can pick a sweetener substitute such as honey or agave nectar in place of the sugar. And maybe even get creative with the Liquid: try green tea or coconut water in place of some of the cold water. ~~


Nancy Clark  MS, RD CCSD is a super star in Sports Nutrition in the Registered Dietitian world…and a New Englander too! 


“Get Ready To…Be YOUR Best”

by Renée Frechette RDN

We want each of you to be the best versions of yourself on and off the Lacrosse field. As a Lacrosse player, you need the right combination of foods to fuel your game. You also need a couple of other healthy habits in you bag.  
Chef Kim and I are here to help.  While we will leave the drills and game plans to the team coaches, we are here to rally for your health and wellness.
Kim Reynolds or Chef Kim, as many through her Kids Cookery know her, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.  In addition to her catering business Elegant Simplicity, she is a Visiting Elementary School Chef at Whitson's Culinary Group.  Prior to this she was the Food Service Manager for the Integrated Day Charter School in Norwich. 
Renée Frechette is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with over 12 years experience.  Community Wellness was a strong focus of hers while at William W. Backus Hospital.  As a mother of four, planting the seeds of a healthier future continues to be her mission.  She volunteers at Oakdale Elementary School and is a member of their Wellness Committee.
When packing up your gear: Do Not Forget Your MLAX!  These are the healthy core habits you will need for a great season.  They are as important as your lacrosse equipment!
Meals that Fuel
Learn to Respect your Body
A Good Night’s Sleep
Xtra Fluids
Meals that Fuel
Notice that we use the word Meal!  It is pretty hard to get the fuel you need from just one food- it is the combination that counts.  For example…grabbing a handful of crackers on the way out to practice only gives your body one of the keys it needs to run. (Carbohydrates in this case.) Your body also needs lean protein and healthy fat.   A better choice in this example may be: whole grain crackers, a slice or 2 of turkey or hummus and a piece of fresh fruit.   This is a mini meal!  And when you are always on the go, mini meals like this can be very handy.  
Stay tuned for more on Meals that Fuel! 
Learn to Respect Your Body
Respecting Your Body means doing what is best for it so you can be your best. This includes eating well, sleeping right, and moving your body the way it was intended.   Respect for your body means listening to it.   Knowing your hunger and fullness.  Eating with awareness. Sensing your body’s cues for thirst.  And knowing when your body has reached its limits.  Take care of all aspects of Your Self.
A Good Night’s Sleep: Here is a fantastic find from While you were Sleeping by Steve and Matthew Murrie:  “In order to keep your body feeling fine, don’t forget your bedtime.”   Your growing body needs an average 10 hours of sleep each night.  Why?  When you sleep: Your muscles repair and grow.  And your brains need a break; brain function during the day is affected by your sleep at night.  Each pass, sprint, catch, shoot and GOAL all ride on your brains’ ability to function sharply.  For this to all happen:  Adequate Sleep is also Fuel.
Xtra Fluids 
Fluids prevent overheating and help active muscles. Add an additional 8 ounces for every half hour of strenuous activity.  So for a 60-minute game that translates into 16oz of extra fluid.  Choose your fluids wisely.  Water is all you really need.   Diluted 100% fruit juice works too.
We do our very best to avoid artificial anything as often as we can in our homes.  This includes dyes, colors and unnecessary chemicals in our foods and beverages. While my boys love the lure of the technicolors found in sport drinks, it is our choice to limit them.  We have actually made our own sport drinks and they taste great!
So Remember:
Meals that Fuel
Listen to your Body
A good night’s Sleep
Xtra Fluids
Now that you have the basics of M.L. A. X: Get out there and Get Ready to Be your Best!