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  ALL players (new and returning) are required to purchase new uniforms in 2020. 

See Home Page for details and order via the Uniform Order Registration Link Below



* Register for an Instructional or Youth MLAX Player:

     - Instructional Players are in grades K-2 ($25)

     - Youth Players are in grades 3 through 8 ($65)

     - Multi-player discounts apply automatically

* US Lacrosse Membership ($30) is mandatory: 

     - membership must be current through 6/23/2020

     - membership will be validated as part of the registration process

     - new or required renewals will automatically be sent to US Lacrosse website ($30)


LATE FEE - There will be a $15 late fee imposed for registrations after March 1, 2020. Please register early to avoid this fee and allow us to begin planning for team assignments and scheduling.


Any person wishing to be considered for a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach position for the Spring 2020 Lacrosse season, please complete the online registration. Join the fun and give back - it's a win-win!

2020 MLAX Instructional Lacrosse Player

*MLAX Instructional Registration is $25 - This registration is for the 2020 Spring Instructional Season, for boys and girls in grades K -  2.
*US Lacrosse Membership is $30 - All registrants must ensure they also pay for a US Lacrosse membership through our website.
*Boys: Helmet, gloves, stick, mouth guard
*Girls: Goggles and Stick

PLEASE NOTE:  Dependent on Registration numbers, Instructional Boys and Girls will be held in conjunction with East Lyme Lacrosse Association,  and practices will be held at BrideBrook Park in East Lyme on Saturday mornings.


Opened: 11/10/2019

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: K to 2 for 2018-19 School year

2020 MLAX Youth Lacrosse Player

*MLAX Youth Registration is $65 - This registration is for the 2020 Spring Youth Season, for boys and girls in grades 3 - 8.  
*US Lacrosse Membership is $30 - All registrants must ensure they also pay for US Lacrosse membership through our website.
*All new players or returning players needing a new uniform, can order online under the registration page.  Click on Unifom Order.  If you need to be sized to ensure proper ordering, come to an in-person session (TBD) where sizing, ordering and payment will be conducted or contact a Board member. 
*Returning players who already have a uniform do not need to order a new one.
Boys: Helmet, stick, gloves, shoulder/chest pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, cleats, athletic supporter
Girls: Goggles, stick, mouth guard, cleats


Opened: 11/01/2019
Late date/fee: 03/01/2020$15.00

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: 3 to 8 for 2019-20 School year

2020 Youth Uniform Order Form


                             Boys' Cost*:                                                           Girls' Cost*:

                    $60.00 - Top and Bottom                                          $60.00 - Top and Bottom

                    $35.00 - Top Only                                                     $35.00 - Top Only

                    $25.00 - Bottom Only                                                $25.00 - Bottom Only


ALL PLAYERS are required to order a NEW uniform in 2020

You can use this registration to order and make your payment.  Players keep the SAME uniform number throughout their years playing with Montville Lacrosse.


In-Person Ordering / Sizing Dates


Feb 9th 9-12 at Tyl Middle School

Feb 23rd 12-3 at Tyl Middle School


Instructional Players DO NOT need a uniform.


New Players may also use this form, with these caveats:


1) Size may vary from other uniforms, so please be sure to be certain of the size selected.  You may wish to come to an in person uniform date to try on and determine best size for your player.


2) Uniform numbers will be assigned by the league based on available numbers.  If you wish to select the number your player is assigned you will need to attend an in person date.


Questions can be directed to Kim Hudson kjhusdon2004@outlook.com - Uniform Coordinator

Opened: 11/10/2019
Closes: 04/01/2020

In Grades: 3 to 8 for 2019-20 School year